All Saints Parade in Caloocan

Why an All Saints Parade?

During the last days of October everybody in this place was thinking about halloween. The Commemoration of All Souls’ Day was coming near and because of influence of the mass-media and because of the culture imposed by TV and materialism everyone was planning what horror movies they would go to watch to the movie theatre, how they would spend this occasion, or how to dress to be in tune with halloween (dressing-up as monsters or skeletons).

Halloween has made people forget about the Christian celebrations of All Saints Day and All Souls Day. As a way to celebrate these two events and as a way to lessen the corrupting influence of halloween the community of ‘Birhen ng Lujan Quasi Parish’ in Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City (Metro Manila- Philippines) decided to have a ‘Saints’ Parade’ on the 31st of October. The idea was that parishioner will dress as saints of the Church and march through the streets of this Parish, followed by a sign board with the name of the Saint.

Since the moment it was announced by the Parish Priest and the rules were given by the Youth Ministry of the Parish everybody was excited to prepare their own saint and to do it in the best way because there would be an prize-giving after the Parade. So, they started to know more about the saints: ‘who is he or she…?’ ‘What did he or she do?’ were constant questions being repeated in the vicinity of the Church. After they came to know their saint, the following was to know the dress their saints were represented with. So, going to books of saints and Google enquiries were a constant must.

Finally the expected day arrived: October 31; 4:00 pm was the settled time for the start of the Parade. It was very nice to see the interest of each one in finishing their costumes to be on time for the beginning of the Parade. When the settled time came about, was very joyful to see the large number of participants dressed as angels and saints prepared to start the parade and willing to represent the one they were dressed up to. After the walking the Holy Mass was followed and then the expected awarding followed by a meal served by the Youth Ministry of the Parish. Let us give thanks to God for this activity and let us implore the protection of all the Saints for all of us.